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CGSMCMLXXV - Smithing assist from Anita2008

AuthorCGSMCMLXXV - Smithing assist from Anita2008

It is all throughout the log, Anita2008 pays full repair price for non-enchanted, non-rare artifacts. How is this assist?

1. It is not in the best interest to repair non-rare or enchanted artifacts in the first place.

2. If she wanted to repair her artifacts anyways, it would make sense to go to a smith that asks only 50% cost for 50% repair, or a similar offer.

And in this way, Anita2008 gives CGSMCMLXXV free smith guild points at the sacrafice of her character. It looks like another Commander and Gefesst to me.
It is a clan help to have our own smith. It is in the clan interest to have a good smith inside the clan. Anita2008 is just one of my supporters.
oh sure, for you everything and everyone is suspicious here!

Good luck in spying!
Interesting, I've never seen that deal.

Public: Pay 50%.
Clanmates: Pay 100%.
It is clan decision. Would you like to check my clan mails?
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SG/EG is supported by some clan members (the richest). Anita2008 and Haran are the richest and they agreed to fully support my smith. One of the advantages for which the clan decided that was fully support for free smithing for our thieves who are about to reach TG4. Another advantage will be when the wars will be implemented and I will offer the clan members a better price for smithing for their enchanted arts. We have a democracy inside our clan and I don't take decisions for anyone, they decide for themselves. Smithing was one of their own decision. Anita2008 didn't and doesn't give me any extra money. Moreover, if you check her transfer log better, I gave her presents from the Artifact shop for March 8th.

There is no rule against a clan to support SG/EG, but I cannot force the members to support if they don't have the means. Whoever can, it's welcome. As Delta369 gave me 100% for repairing his hunting arts when he had money.
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