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Faction Statistics analysis of our top 25 players

AuthorFaction Statistics analysis of our top 25 players
Hello Heroes and Villians,

I have conducted a little research on faction statistics on our TOP 25 players.

Hopefully this will tell us a bit about most common / useful / weak factions based on LONG term game play (NOT becasue of flavour of the week / month) i.e. instead of counting the number of factions players are CURRENTLY playing with, their OVERALL playstyle is analysed.

Assumption: our top 25 players know and are experienced on what FACTIONS do the job (both PvE and PvP) efficiently and quickly. Therefore, they will train for them amd hence, their BIASED faction points IS their opinion of what factions are GOOD.

How did I do that?
I counted all the individual factions points of our top 25 players and generaeted the following statistics:

Knight: 35 points, 8.8%
Necro: 27 points, 6.8%
Wizard: 47 points, 11.8%
Elf: 46 points, 11.6%
Barbarian: 51 points, 12.8%
Dark Elf: 143 points, 36.0%
Demon: 48 points, 12.1%
Total: 397 points, 100%

There are my opinion based on the above:

Knight and necro factions are generally the WEAKEST and our top players avoid them like the plague.

Wizard, elf, barbarian and demon are generally BALANCED and useful at MOST jobs.

Dark elf is plain and simply most OVER-POWERED for everything.

So what are your opinions?
This statistic doesn't show anything.
You can't make opinion on this facts, they doesn't show power of each fraction at all. It just shows that at this moment top players prefer to play dark elves and just because there is nothing to do for them except thieves guild.

In general on high levels, especially in duels, knight easy can defeat dark elf.
In case of war necro and knight are best fraction. You can analyze a few last wars on russian server to see the picture if you want.
we already had a discussion about necro being weak at higher levels. I said it there and I will repeat it here: necro will never have the most exp. in PvP, because he is not a damage dealer. Therefore necro levels slowly in comparison with DE or Elf.
"Knight and necro factions are generally the WEAKEST and our top players avoid them like the plague."

that's not becoz kni&nec are weak.

most high lv players changed factions,but kni and nec are the hardest faction to change.becoz your low faction level,you have few troops(kni:training;nec:skel bow).

so few high lv player would like to change to kni or nec.not becoz they are weak,but they are hard to be.
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