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SirGeorge uses secondary chars for financial assist.

AuthorSirGeorge uses secondary chars for financial assist.
Stumbled over sirgeorge's transfer log and noticed that he farms his other accounts for ressources to assist his main necro financially.

07-30-09 22:40: Received 350 Gold from greenvilledrive :
07-30-09 22:39: Received 350 Gold from greenvillegeo :
07-30-09 22:38: Received 442 Gold 52 Gems 19 Crystals 15 Sulfur from semipro :

This is recently when he lvl'ed to 8, but the list goes on with these rules violations.

...It's nothing personal, but I have to complain since it gives him at clear advantange over people that sticks to the rules whether or not he is doing it deliberately.
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