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No gold at facilities

AuthorNo gold at facilities
There is pretty hard to enroll now. Even at mining facilities in Great Capital and East Bay no gold to pay to employees. The same relates to production facilities in all regions of the Empire with rare exceptions
not the first time this is happening, go sit in SH or BG else buy resource and enroll.

encourage others to change factions that will surely help in some enrolls :p
yeah i couldnt enroll in great capital at all until 14:00 ......no money at all
There is pretty hard to enroll now
for rrrk888: Move to another places ... I am sure u can get it .. if u can be patient ... :)
The lack of players (mainly because of the holiday in Europe) makes both market and factories to work with less money and resources. I don't know if last year during the northern emisphere summer it was the same situation, but I would suggest you to be patient until September when the players will return and everything will go better.

Good luck! :)
Um no its not. Just buy sulphur and enroll. Losing 2-3 gold an enroll beats not enrolling every day of the week...
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