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Ridge of Hope&Dragons

AuthorRidge of Hope&Dragons
Why is Ridge of Hope so abandon??
It will be good to create some mine or facility in there.The work would be dangerous because of permanent gragon threat and good payed because everyone who would join work there have to stay till the end of work

In every fantasy book or film dragons are wealthy.It would be fine to have a chance to loot some gold(good chance)or artefact(less chance) and mainly short endless waiting time for dragon ambush(3 days and 2 ambushes is not enought)
yeah... good idea, sugested like a million times before (by me and 999999 others).

right now this place is almost useless - and i realy could become a interessting part of the game. but now it's to frustrating to wait, can take forever...

it's already programmed and implemented in the game. that was probabely quite a work for admins. i never understood why they did that: a lot of hard work for ... erm... nothing?

another idea would be to buy dragon-bait (in artshop) that could give you an instant ambush.

or even dragonhunter-guild: the higher the level, the higher the chance of finding dragons. Maybe you could join this guild at lvl 9 or 10, because there is not much new at high levels.

or at least make dragons huntable like normal hunts, but just at RoH

i'm not sure if getting gold or arts is necessary, probably the chance for high FSP in relation to Exp is enough. (although it would be nice).

i realy hope dragon ambushes will become a REAL part of the game like PvP, thieving, hunting... and not just something a very marginal part of the players do - and get frustrated doing...
even though this was made 3 years ago there is diamond resportry and I like the idea of a dragon hunter guild.
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