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admins wanted

Authoradmins wanted
please ban players with names like "hitler_ss" and other of those idiots.

I think nowone wantssuch players among us.

[Player banned by moderator Pang until 2009-08-23 05:19:24 // wrong sub forum.]
there alot of people in rl with the name hitler why dont u open your eyes a bit and see maybe just maybe that might be the guys name
for lukeman56789:
surely not with the SS in the name.

but better ignore it. don't give these people a plattform...
why dont u open your eyes

I believe it is not a very common name.
Well, I believe there is some people with the name Hitler but yes, when there is ss added to the end, then it is obviously referring to Adolf Hitler.
his last name could start with an s XD
there is no player hitler_ss !?
strange... i thought i saw him too...

but there is a new one, created today simply named hitler.
now thats odd cause i could have sword there was another account by that name that got blocked?
to ElementalAli

so... we're not making this in C&A?
and the imposter named master_Ti
look at this name:

it's a violation of the rule and he has done illegal transfer.
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