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TheEvilTemplar hacked my account and stole 15k gold

AuthorTheEvilTemplar hacked my account and stole 15k gold
Look at this:
08-31-09 12:14: Transferred item(s): 'Hunter pendant' [10/10] to TheEvilTemplar
08-31-09 12:14: Transferred item(s): 'Hunter hat' [10/10] to TheEvilTemplar
08-30-09 07:08: Transferred 10300 Gold 1 Ore 1 Wood to TheEvilTemplar :
08-29-09 14:27: Transferred 3320 Gold 1 Ore 1 Wood to TheEvilTemplar : Sorry , i owe u

The message he type is an excuse.Someone pls help me!!!
Somehow he hacked and stole from my account!!!
if we're on the topic of cheaters, what about these?

06-30-09 01:37: Received 5612 Gold from DanteVergil :
05-25-09 01:12: Transferred 3389 Gold to DanteVergil :
05-15-09 03:16: Transferred 2597 Gold to DanteVergil :
how did he exactly hack yr account?

u must have given him yr password for some reason! perhaps gold!

Anyway it's yr problem because nobody can guess yr password unless u tell him!
No, I didn't tell him.Those gold are from my alternate id.
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