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[Pre-order] 3*14% Armor 25,000-45,000 gold back limited time


Author[Pre-order] 3*14% Armor 25,000-45,000 gold back limited time
Now, I am able to do 2*14% armor enchanting, and should be able to add 3rd modification the following week.

Now, I accept pre-order for 3*14% armor enchanting with a big bonus:
1000-2000 gold back each elements
8000-14000 gold back for each 14%
16000-28000 gold back for each 2*14%
25000-45000 gold back for each 3*14%

Best deals around.

Read the following post for more detail or options.

Transfer your art with recall in: 1 days, 0 combats.

This is for limited time, and I do only one 14% order each day, so send me a private mail (Pm) to make an appointment.

PM me if you have any question or discuss better options. :)
closed by Lord binghuo (2009-09-17 05:58:48)
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