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Smith Service 40% repairs for 40% cost -- Free under 1000

AuthorSmith Service 40% repairs for 40% cost -- Free under 1000
My smith shop make a big reopening.

Now 40% repairs for 40% cost


All items under 1000 gold are repaired for free.


To send me a item for repairs

1.Use the Transfer Item, requesting 1 gold for me to get it

2.Use the option, 1 day, no battle, available for repairs

3.Then send 40% of the money cost. (Not needed for Free items)
Since I had a question about this.

To get Free Repair, your items should be under 1000 gold Repair Cost. Not the buying cost. :)


Here a more detail way to send me items.

Click "transfer" on the artifact, then on the "Item transaction" page fill in the form as follows:

Enter character name: Dan-Panic
Price: 1 gold (that's what I pay you)
Transfer with recall in: 1 days, 0 combats and "Allow repairing"

Then If higher then 1000 gold repair cost, send me 40% of the repair cost.
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