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Ale now in artifact shop!


AuthorAle now in artifact shop!
Wow , and it grants 1 ap on top of that .

Nice a ap for 100 gold for 2 hrs , so even if we do 5 combats , 1 ap cost = 20 !
After ale, the next will be potion of luck
Try to look at the battle until my swordman 27, when swordmen hit 5 magi, there was a red star animation.
wow is there really a potion of luck in .ru?
nope there isn't, and please keep ru questions to the ru thread here:
instead of going offtopic which could derail the thrad
hmm.didn't know that ale could make you a little bit more agile.i guess i could try it later when i want to catch up the bus :p
i had 3 together
LOL! I love it, ale. Now we can have a real drunken horse tournament. Or a drinking contest, who can win the most games after 3 drinks. Lots of potential for fun with this. And only costs 100 gold.
some moved on their own....
Dwarfs drink Ale! Did we discover the dwarven remains? Did a meteorite wipe them out? :(

Hell horses are amazingly poor at holding liquor :P
Ale is terrible!! :D
Lost coz of it ;(


Ghost were supposed to run , but they got 3 independence in a row !

But still it is fun :D
very bad ale.. I fight vs 500 wamp and my gargs was attacki 3x at that wamp and i lost for it..
Gurumao has drunken horses. :-)
OMG .. :( If they move uncontrolledly .. then we will loose, if they move to the right places, it is ok, but if not, then that will be bad .. :( but that is balanced with the +1 % of the inits .. :)
i got drunken birdy xD


Hmm My rogues and minos moved to the right places, that's what I love .. :) hehe .. :) I do not need to control them anymore, as my i-net is very slow now .. :) Thx to admins to make this real .. :)
I think the limit should be 10 bottle. So I can join a group battle and go AFK.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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