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miniarts are refunded!


Authorminiarts are refunded!
5000 gold per battle (without enchants) art set.
This is just over exaggeration.
If talents are the only change admins will do to make it posssible for wizards to play as casters and even win a fight by that, chaos magic 6 points cost is even much :/

caster arts have to become cheaper, atleast to normal level of might arts. I still wonder who came to the glorious idea to make spellpower/wisdom cost 100% more AP than AT/DEF. As i already said some times spellpower is even worse than AT for example in the original (4 AT equals 6 SP)
The only bad thing about mini arts that i can see is that they removed the +luck mini art.

By the other hand, at least at lvl 9 with wizard skill 7, the changes are minimum:
- before: +8 atk, now: +6 atk
- before: +8 def, now: +6 def
- before: +5hp, now: +4 hp
- before: +2 morale, now: +2 morale
- before: +8 ini, now: +8 ini

And now they are free, so we can buy arts and change faction as the rest. With the money we got, we can buy enchanted weapons to balance our loses.

Btw, after one year playing with a wizard, and saving a lot of money for the mini arts to be a good mage, it's sad to see that all this effort was useless and now anybody can change faction to wiz and have triple mini arts in all his troops in just a few weeks.

Anyways, i will stay playing as wizard.
This is just over exaggeration.

No, that statement is just as true and unbiased as the other parts of his post. :)
for Agruk:
They will have very bad triple miniarts, like +1 Atk, +1 Def, +1 HP :)
problem is that "very bad" miniarts are nearly as good as "very good" ones due to good ones being bad :P
dude, stop crying over spilled milk.
There is no way they are gonna change it back. Jeez... you remind me of Robai like over a year ago. That guy went completely crazy when they gave exp to the one that assisted in a hunt.
If you don't understand what i mean then shall it be so, but my statements are right and i don't want this project end cuz of such low things that can easily be changed to the better.
for I_own_you_all:

Everything will be OK, man
for I_own_you_all:
Okay take a look at the last minor tournament in .ru, see how many wizards are on 5-9 and 13 lists, cause I think there are more than 3-14 for dark elves altogether.
finaly people can play in wizard faction

and a very bad new for slow enroller wizards,lucky for wreckless ones :D
If you don't understand what i mean

You're the one that doesn't seem to understand what the others are saying.

my statements are right

It seems like you're alone with this opinion :)

i don't want this project end

Us neither.

things that can easily be changed to the better

Things are changing for the better. Well, most of them...
stupid admins stupid updates and stupid players wo don't understand what sacrifices wizard do to have triple mimi arts
personnaly i missed 4 tournaments and all full PvP to save money
now the game is really unbalanced
[Player banned by moderator Arctic until 2009-12-14 14:37:33 // The game becomes more balanced with every new update. And you are breaking rules you really shouldn't. 5.1 violation]

That's why i added "in a few weeks" ;) when they increase their wizard lvl.
well, as a wizard who could not afford triples mini arts:

YAY! got them for free!!! :D

(and #53, if one only wants to save for future, where is the fun? Carpe diem!)
You're the one that doesn't seem to understand what the others are saying.

I do, thats the problem and i can't believe it :P

It seems like you're alone with this opinion :)

lol, not really!

The idea behind of this all is to force wizards to be wizards and not knights. That results 1st in nerfing combat capabilities => miniarts luck removed and overall lowered effects (i have to agree that at some levels might wizards were really really strong!)

2nd spellcasting has to be improved. And here is the point that will need weeks of testing after the full update has finished. Because if spellcasting arts are changed to normal price and talentwheel is made reasonable (i still wonder what dude came to the idea to give the main talent of a specific faction 12 points whereas in all other factions this talent costs 7 points), meaning chaos magic with 7 points per talent for example.

If one can afford some chaos magic levels and strong, normal costing, caster arts it will result in heavy damage that will be reduced to moderate due to mass magic reduction existing on arts able to be bought.

I myself din't like might wizards that much, but i understood it cuz they had much higher win percentages than i always had, cuz i will never repudiate the word "wizard" ^^
Take it easy. "Nerf" is always not very good for players, but is it really nerf ? I think that not. I welcome this change. Minis are luxury, not "must have" and now we can have free triple minis. We can have the same minis on all stack, we can have one miniart for hunt, one for GB, etc. Wizards can finally do gb in full arts and dont have to save golds for minis.

If someone played wizard because they had overpowered minis, they can easy change to "overpowered DE" and stop this trashtalking ...
I can understand established wizards being mad about this change as some of them had to save tons to get their tripple mini's while everyone gets em for free now.
However, if those people would look past their own time & effort investement that's now sorta lost and look at the full picture, they'd realize this is a good change for the entire community;
New wizards can fully enjoy the game from the start instead of having to enroll for half a year before starting to be competitive.
The wizard faction isn't restricted to players that play soly as wizards anymore.
And, if the value's Agruk posted are the actuall effect of mini's, they aren't nerfed that much as some here would like us to believe.
I think this is bad for wizards ( hem hem, 4 attack to 2 attack for faction level 3, which I know isn't great but that's beside the point), but I still think this is good for wizards as a whole. Now, more people will join the wizard faction because there's a chance more people will join at higher levels. Higher levels means more recruits IMHO.
11-14-09 12:39: Received 1212840 gold from Empire: 100% Wizard mini-artifact cost refunded.

I got enough gold so that I don't moan on minis abilities chopping...
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