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Army of Demons {0}

AuthorArmy of Demons {0}
I have got this,

Mercenaries' guild

Reputation: 1

The 'Blooming Glade' neighbourhood is attacked by a huge 'Army of Demons {0}' daily. Hurry over there and cope with them! You have 3 attempts and 180 minutes.

any other new besides army of demons and mini art?
wow this was new
Maybe vanguard of Demons or demon brigand?
tell us the battle web
"An urgent dispatch from 'Silent Hill': a small group of our allies, the 'Dark witches', is under attack of 'Vanguard of Demons {0}'. Those who have managed to escape have taken shelter in the mountains and are waiting for help. Go there immediately and deal with the enemy together! You ought to prevent the death of our allies. You have no more than 120 minutes.

Award: 111 gold"
They are too strong for {0} army :((
closed by Zyanya (2009-11-15 06:40:45)
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