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Enrollment from mobile devices


AuthorEnrollment from mobile devices
Dear players!

Because of frequent cases of use the bot programms (programs automating actions of the player) with new update we see a harder protection against them. Now enrollment form is under Flash. In this connection, the enrollment became impossible from a part of mobile phones.

So I propose to start discussion of any problems with enrollment from mobile devices here.

Maybe admins should clip this topic up.
There was already protection from automated enrollments by the random image codes. I don't see what making the enroll into flash is doing, other than preventing legitimate players from logging in on mobiles.
Who knows what models of phones now we can use to enroll?
any version of mobile that supports flash lite should work. I have confirmed that it works on the samsung blackjack but not on the motorola q.
no ads please!
i used miniopera for enroll sometimes, but mainly i enroll from comp, but if u would enroll from phone now u will have decreased the mined weight, because of no won combat
Min Op wont work if your mobile doesn't support flesh player
my iPhone can't
my iPod Touch doesn't support flash too :( Now my enrollments/day ratio will become much lower :/
so, why admin just change that upgrade back then? :(

I have problem too, hard to enroll. :(
at least on .ru many were found many exploited non-flash working-code using scripts and OCR software. Like people enrolling 20-22 times a day for months :D
I guess that is not as severe a problem here, but obviously admins simply decided to use 1 codebase instead of splitting it.

I bought a new mobile phone, 3 days ago, that has mini opera. I've not yet activated the internet, but this means... that i won't do that anytime...

This hurts me.

(And I didn't whine about not getting TGI...)
Before update I earn about 500 gold per hour. Doing Hunt, mg, ambush cost me about 1k per hour. The rest time I enrol via mobile to recover the cost.

But now its really suck! 3hour a day on my pc n gain only 1.5k. Doom!!
For admin:
it would be grateful if you could clarify why flash was integrated into enrolling ?
for Erebes:

chavy is right. Flash adds protection against people using OCR scripts.
but, many players will broke soon.

we cannot enroll regularly anymore --> not enough gold --> more cheaters.
Then the admin only need to block char using that ilegal script. I belive that mobile users aren't cheater.
Bad problem solving!!
yea, i don't think this was a good idea either. i essentially can't play this game during the week now.
And what good is a web game if it can't be used by a time waster? And the "Flash prevents OCRing" explanation is weak tea. It isn't that difficult to type into flash from any of various test automation packages, and the image isn't even in the Flash.

I really hope this is re evaluated here. Maybe the possibility that there are more smartphones among the decadent Western imperialists will count as a reason. :)
Cheapest mobilephone with flash player is SE G502, about 90 euros. Play with default browser n u can enroll everywhere.
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