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if ale's so cheap lets make a bar that sells ale for 50 gold why not ?
why not

because they cost 100 gold
You can buy a lot of ale and sell it to players for 50 gold.
We would appreciate that :)
100 gold is cheap enough, on top of that they even give some AP.
yeah so it's good why not ? gives ap and cheap
for Huntress: sure me and my friend would be happy to sell it for 50 gold
why not we make the first bar at lordswm ? i'll be the boss since i did the idea
if admin did a bar at lordswm
and what use the bar for?
Hey u should put this forum in idea and suggestion... (BTW , wat is ale?)
to sell ale and for playing tarvern
(BTW , wat is ale?)

For ghostzodi and other clueless players who don't keep eyes open :P

Ale - https://www.lordswm.com/art_info.php?id=el_bottle
Buy at - https://www.lordswm.com/shop.php?cat=gift

On topic: I'm not touching that vile liquid again, 10% wayward troops can easily cost you a battle~
i got a more than a hand full of ale who wants 1 bttle of ale ?pm me
for gurumao: well you can ask ADMIN to have a cure to it
For gurumao,

If it lost control of unit by 10% thats means? (-Iniatiative? or wat???)
[Post deleted by moderator Takesister // Senseless message.]
it meansyour units have a 10% chance to act according to their own will that is the Ai(artificial intelegience) will take decision for your troops 1% of the time and they tend to not obey you and do th same mistakes which non player controoled units in tis game do....
If it lost control of unit by 10% thats means?

lost control = the stacks perform independent moves, can run, attack, cast spells, gate etc randomly, 10% chance that your stacks do that, upto 30% with 3 drinks

For expert - STOP the debauchery in GGF~
for gurumao: wha do you meannn? by GGF ?
-_- GGF = general game forum ; you should know this by now as a regular flooder :P
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