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I am a new demon with lvl 0 demon racial skill.
I used 1 ale, and ale gated my wolfhounds. I had 30 dog, and gained 15 with gating (50%). My lvl 0 skill gives only 20% gated creature.

It is a bug, or an easter-egg?
Would you mind giving the link to that combat?
Here: https://www.lordswm.com/warlog.php?lt=-1&warid=16516674
hehe, probably bug. Besides the ale gated hounds didn't have the blood red tone.
Yep it seems ale gates are at a higher racial skill. Decrous reported similar effects yesterday~
Soon we will see a lot of drunked demons. :-)

in this fight too, i gate 15 incends ~48% (20+7 Racial) whereas my usual gates are 12 or 13 (20+ 5 Racial)
Perhaps the temperance types had it right, alcohol is a path to hell.
Yep, everything leads to that drunk units adapts the default caravan gating formula, which is 50%(possible rounding down) :D Wan't another ale, guru?
I think demon's creatures love ale but can not have it in hell so when their friends in earth invite them through gating while drinking ale, more eager to come from hell.

Bye, all, I want to drink more ale, hiks..

^^ It because demons have ale addiction.
So that's the real use of ale: to improve gating. If this is intentional (i.e. not a bug), then yes, I would consider this an Easter egg.
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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