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Introducing Update To 'Counter' New Enchanting Rule?

AuthorIntroducing Update To 'Counter' New Enchanting Rule?
To Arctic/mods/relevant authorities:

First off, not sure if I should post this in the 'Grand Update' thread since it's not really part of the updates that's implemented recently. So hope forum mods would understand. :)

Just read this new update over at the .ru thread with interest.

Posts #1122 & #1125 -

Wonder if the admins are planning on adding this update to balance out the pretty 'unpopular' update that requires 3x the existing elements needed for enchanting.

The other site added this update probably coz enchanting was probably badly affected by the new x3 element rules, and enchanters who have spent millions building their enchanting guilds have probably suffered badly.

I'm not an enchanter myself, and this is in no way meant for personal gains. Just thought this update will be hugely welcome by all enchanters and players alike.

I'm not insisting on this update, nor asking when it will be introduced. I'm just requesting a word from Arctic, or anyone in the know, if there are plans to introduce that particular update here. I would think it would be greatly appreciated and welcome by all players.

Thanks in advance.
4. There's a Secretary character (https://www.lordswm.com/pl_info.php?id=4) created to contact the Administration. Therefore creating pointless topics such as: "When we'll have Balance?", "It was better/worse before!", "A question to admins", etc. is forbidden.

Also, the only people that can reply to that with 100% certainty are admins, therefore you should PM them personally not make a forum wide topic. :) Talk to Arctic and be patient for a reply. I'm sure he will answer if he's allowed to.
closed by Zyanya (2009-11-20 23:13:24)
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