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MG Quests ambush bug?

AuthorMG Quests ambush bug?
Once when I changed my talents on my DE, from rally to sth or to rally, I dont remember, well thing that matters is it reseted my units, I forgot to recruit new ones and I had a MG quest started ( to hand over cargo). When I pushed the move buttom on map my mozilla started freezing same as it freezes while battle beigns and battle didn't load. It was freezing during all the travel but ambush didn't come. Never checked it again, maybe it was just luck, maybe it happens when you dont have troops recruited. Well just reported.
[Player banned by moderator Skunder until 2009-11-23 22:52:42 // alt characters can not use Main forums]
If this is recent then this should be filed here:

otherwise please use the correct Forum in tehcnical complaints.
closed by Skunder (2009-11-24 01:21:52)
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