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finance changes and the rising of a new market

Authorfinance changes and the rising of a new market
Past month and until tgi's deadline on December 1 many things in economy and finance in com have changed
i wont talk if their are bad or good (many other posts deal with this subject) but i am trying to see them as a fact and the consequences they will have at market
1.tgi leasing market is closed
2.encanting has become very expensive and only patient and well organised players will make modifications (or those who didnt manage to buy a house).
3.estates were introduced and sucked near 80 houses *900k(average house price)=72.000.000 from game , mainly of course the money that inactive players were gathering and the wizzards refund of miniarts
4.elements price is getting lower and lower day by day
5.max enchanters service is free and only 2-3 people charge a fee
6.max repairing service will become more expensive cause of the high price of enchanted arts
7.new arts were intodused , so old enchanted arts will become in the future (of course not until the war with dwarves is over and not until new arts will be modified) more and more cheap
so with all these changes i predict that leasing enchanted arts market will become more and more popular , especially during the war and we will see new terms of leasing and high prices
(i believe that the war will start after December 1 when tgi's new rule will be activated)
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