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Little known facts about LWM


AuthorLittle known facts about LWM
Post facts about LWM that arent well known but are moderatly intersting, I'll start: If you Ctrl+Click a player and then click his name in battle it will take you to there player page outside of battle.

Do you have any?
P.s sorry if this is on the wrong place
i knew that

You cant get ambushed by Dragon guards anymore
there is an admin character 'Lexa' that is not in any official LWM clans.
"Empire" is a LOL-kitteh :P

Proof? Avatar-image ;)
for TimeWaster:
i was just at the profile for him

there are only 7 lvl 15 gamblers guild people
for Chance12:

Dang, I told you that, and you beat me to it. :p

--> There are actually less GG15s than there are combat level 14s.
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[Post deleted by moderator Pang // ]
Place (not attacking, just walk near them) a single unit near a succubi / mistress and attack it with your ranged units and it wont retaliate.
Meralissa not any more moderator - she left game second time xD
Did you know you can see the exact server time (hours/minutes/SECONDS)?

It's shown at the https://www.lordswm.com/roulette.php
Did you know you can see the exact server time (hours/minutes/SECONDS)?
Always shown in chat lines :)
Just found this out a few days ago -

There's officially no battle-type called Free-for-all(FFA).

FFA refers to the type/amount of AP/arts a player can wear to a tournament/battle.

Tournaments are divided into three classes by admitted ammunition:
"Free-for-all" - Lords can enlist regardless of the items they currently wear. Enchantments do have effect in these types of tournaments.

The correct term should be 'everyone for oneself'.
If you click on the Heart at the top that represents your hp then drag away it will stay highlited and still updates you you dont have to keep your mouse over it to see how much hp you have
@15 Neat trick!
@15: same thing for the mana
also a new Easter egg is that recruits (or i think it was old dont know fore sure) have 2 types of hat saw them is hunts though i think its was a bug


here is the link
for Romiah:
it is not a bug. It was made just for fun.
Did you know that if you're in ambush fighting with real player and he haven't any troops, there is some mob troops

in my case it was 7 monks to hero necro:
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