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What happens to tournament fights during the bug?

AuthorWhat happens to tournament fights during the bug?
We all know that the bug affected some people and did not affect some others. Some people got stuck and hence timed out while other continued to play and win.

Thus, some people lost their tournament points where they should not have while others gained free points where they should not have. I wanted to know if some corrective action is being taken for this. I believe that the ideal scenario would be to cancel all fights after 9:00 today till the time the bug was resolved, the item durabilities returned and the fights and points removed from every person's tournament log.

Maybe the admin is already doing it, but I say this here because I note that the fight I lost is still there in my record as a loss.
Didnt they already do that?

I was stuck in a mercernary quests, when I came back a few hours later. I was "out of battle" and had to start the combat again.
I didnt lost any durability, neither was it shown in my combat log
I lost a tourney fight and its still there on my tournament page. I still see an extra fight and f course no extra points and it pains me no end :(
My wild guess:

Nothing. Assuming the problem itself gets fixed, don't count on anyone going back and fixing anything that's been recorded.
for Silverhand:I lost a tourney fight and its still there on my tournament page. I still see an extra fight and f course no extra points and it pains me no end :(
The same story about me, admins, please help us!
Things like that happens guys, you will have to live with it. So glad that I didnt participate in that tourney
for Dan-Panic:
after 15 battles I was on the second position... And I should forget about this!? For example,if you did not find your TG invitation in your inventory just because of bug, will you be happy? And this is comparable things....
for Uraken:

Is it ? :) (Your battle didnt cost 80 diamonds) :P
for Dan-Panic:
The winner price is comparable with the market price of TG invitation, isn't it?
dont cry Uraken, this is only a game. live your real life:)

Only what I want from this bug is EXP and FSP what I lose....

To admins: let me reach lvl up pls.. :(
for Uraken:

LoL, I would be so glad that all accounts was roll back to pre-tournament, How many of you guys fighting for that gold and not for fun would be whinning, it would the BEST show ever.
To admins: We just ask do not count that lag battle(s)! It seems to me this is very simple request.
i think there is still some problem in this server...

i get 3 point and 1 battle count from the problem lag battle...but this problem battle doesnt have any ending...
you can see from this:https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?warid=485147336

and the next tournament game i got "nothing" from battle!
no point add !no battle count increase!
i got lucky thrice..got thrown out and i saw myself get AFK ...i mean i saw myself counted out...tragic lol..nd thrice
ya it happened to me a few times I was afraid I had a virus in my computer Im just happy it was just bug with game
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