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It's That Time of the Year Again~


AuthorIt's That Time of the Year Again~
Ooops almost there
oh well...it has been fun...this 1 year and some days of flooding. had been really nice. We laughed together. We partyed together. We got drunk together. And well...many Great flooders have come and gone from this one and its 34517 posts. We did many races here...many fights...many bets:P... This thread was kept alive for a long time but it wouldn't have been here without its creator, gurumao. But well...there were people who really kept it alive. Thanks to Spartan, hewy, goky, cooly, akshy, nameless, X-hunter, elfymoony, moonhunter, ninja9, filo, mr chips, sry, detherocevil, kiz, qio, survive and the new flaminghorse and liar. Althought i know there are so many who left their mark here that i cn't remember them all and i am sorry :) At least the spirit won't be lost... the party continues at #702 Kings & Queens

...and always some time before the new year ;)

cya all! until next X-mas!!!
Mod power abuse!
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