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a new hacking way, i guess =)


Authora new hacking way, i guess =)

my transfer log:-

see the transfer log, weird?
hacker just got me..

how they got me :-

1. they offer me a free account to try... they give password and told me to change password and keep it, i was just accept stupidtly followed:P

2. then the changed password got change and the hacker get review by see the hacker email got of new password, (after changing password, there were 'freeze' time for 3 days to change email)

3. but if they lucky got the same pass for the victim to use the victim's main account, then they got the money from main account of victims of course=D

easy and simple.....

but i wonder why i 'defeated' by his mouth XD

so how you can avoid this?
*leave their offer
*don't change password or change password the other from the main one (u can either tricks them ;)

such a pity of me... I wonder how can i detect it too....

the hackers is the loaner = rocco1 (suspect only) only admin can approved it, by see the IP of rocco and the receiver of my money =D

3.7. Password transfer to a different user and collective account managing are forbidden.
Man, you should have known that there is no such thing as free lunch...

1) By accepting the pass of that "free account" you've broken game rules
2) Changing the pass on it to the same pass as on your main character was your mistake, and no one is to blame for this
3) Haven't you though that all this situation is suspictious?
for TimeWaster:

i know, now my black market account we're revealed =(

and my old cheating account as 'black market' :-

panog(the hacker use) =)

P.S. this is my old account, i not use it for long, and gonna leave it, but sometime i check it since admin let them 'running around' (actually i don't know the rules at first start this game, but people will given 2nd chance doesn't they :), so i start 'a new refresh of life'

but Mr-lord and it's multi (Mr-lordes and Mr-lorde) still clean, always and forever =D

but when mr-lord were hacked, my heart broken apart when they clean my gold, and i still laughing for the hackers (if admin were still alive) ;)

Haven't you though that all this situation is suspictious?

well, you know sometime people were blinded doesn't they?

P.S. sorry for double post but the post at 3 was fast so i reply on it ;)
It's not new. In fact it is one of the oldest hacking method.

You should make a complaint in CaA. You will never got your gold back, but at least he will be blocked
You will never got your gold back

hmmm... that's very pain doesn't it?

that's make me leave this game (80% i stick with this game is when i see my gold :)
Well, it's bad but not that you lost a level 13 character, isn't it? ^^
Yes, it is pain. Highly unlikely you will get your gold back. But, you can always pray (maybe) ? :)
But if you look at his transfer log (admin!), it seems to be a new trick to hide shady transfer through clan leadership transfer. I reported such cases before. It seems to be a ring of the same players who do this.
12-08-09 14:57: Transferred 100000 gold to the #471 clan account
12-08-09 14:55: #471 clan leadership received from rocco1
12-08-09 14:54: Transferred 30000 Gold to rocco1 : AZTEC WARRIORS IS MINE


nice 'connecting' ring between account, he got nice tricks...

i hope anyone can find cheating transfer of rocco1 or herb007 that can be detected... i mean direct cheating transfer others from my account... before he hacking me, so i can 'blame' admin for not blocking the hackers before they got my account, bwahaahahaha.... XD

i hope i got the gold back, i just 14 years-old boy, so no doubt that i was lack of experience, so really hope can give me 2nd chance, the time i 'wasted' for 2 month for this games, make my mother angry i play this game a lot XD, try support the forum that 'freeze' to be cheerful ;)
, and 'especially' when i leave this game, my brother will leave too, because after this i will play MMORPG (MMoRPG is my favaourite after this game and it's stick me up until i forgot the world(so i will never give my brother use this com :P) > this wats make this games better > althought how much it stick me into, it would not get me into 'other world' =P)

and becoz i can't find another games that better than this for a browser-based game =D (i dropped my tears everytime i remember this, mwaaaa....T.T)

mr-lords (times to bed, bwahahahhaaha XD)

errrmmmm.. this is his transfer logs = Herb007

and this is https://www.lordswm.com/pl_transfers.php?id=4612990


and actually at the first time, the hackers make u believe them... they are clever ;D

at first i see rocco1 seem poor, since LB of him is low for his combat lvl...
and he say he was trapped by workacholic too, then i give him loan so he can survive...

then i see he wear full arts, he make me believe me at first (as u can see he give back my 15K as i mistake double-click....

then he start offer the account, i was has feeling to try DE since i never tried DE yet, and it was lvl 5... so i just try, follow what his said(change password) brainlessly like a zombie... and then got hacked, things happens so fast...

then they try to 'shade out' their cheating transfer logs

srry for double post :)
best you can do is get him blocked, there is NO way / chance / possibility at all you will ever see your money back....

//you can still "see" "your" money, just not on your account.
Hiya Mr-Lord:

I see you only mentioned about rocco1. Do you know this Herb007 guy? Did you voluntarily gave him more than 100k of your gold? Is he a suspected hacker too?
Topic moved from "General game forum" to "Complaints and applications - Finance and others".

This clan is worth an investigation too.
Do you know this Herb007 guy?

erm, not...., i know him when he take my money

12-06-09 01:05: Received 400 Gold from rajrockers : hers your golds now replace me from your black list
12-06-09 01:05: Received 16000 Gold from rajrockers : why di you put me into black list
12-06-09 01:04: Transferred 16000 Gold to rajrockers : i don t need your golds
12-06-09 01:03: Received 16000 Gold from rajrockers : hiiii dude you are back
12-05-09 15:53: Received 5000 Gold from raw_dogg : gift

thiss is i m not sure, another victim before me...

i know it description but thiss is suspiciois



best you can do is get him blocked, there is NO way / chance / possibility at all you will ever see your money back....

since it was to be like that, then bye bye :(

(YAAAAHHHOOOO!!!!, i can play Knight Online freelyyy....) *tears dropped*
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