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my guild points suddenly missing!

Authormy guild points suddenly missing!
even though when i leveled up i got points that i have put em into my attack at lvl12, now i got attack back to lvl11 19pts?!
i had it at 20pts at leveling up, so something affected miscalculation or some new updates again?
check my points, tx!
right calculation, that have worked at the day of leveling to lvl12:
att=12 from lvl + 6 from HG + 2 from MG
def=4 from LG
it is obvious that i have been cheated, do i get any compensation?:>
LG 7 = 3 Def
im talking about attack here mostly, n y i did made mistake in details, but my point is i got 1 point less now!
as demon i got +1 attack no? (1pt)
so calculate this:
+1pts for faction + 12pts from combat lvl + 6pts from HG + 3pts from LG +2 pts from MG = 24pts total! i know i had it at the point of lvling, but now something has triggered the change?!

p.s. that previous defense 4 was taken when i was knight, meaning i calculated in kni point, but still it is obvious that 1 point is missing!

there is certainly bug somewhere in it, i just havent noticed it when exactly has happened, but now loosing so many TG unlogically after i have severely enforced my stats made me look into details and i have found that in between 1week time since my leveling my stats have been changed! and no updates was announced in between that time!

i call for everybody to double check their stats and report their findings, because driven from my xp i think there are more unwelcomed changes that reasons we do not know. i need clear explanation nothing less. anybody?
demon faction - 1 attack
hunters guild - 6 attack
laborers guild - 3 defence
mercernarys guild - 2
comat level 12 - 11

your stats:
20 attack
3 defencee

So you put all 11 points from combat level, and both from mercernarys guild in attack.
Than attack = 1 + 6 + 2 + 11 = 20
and defence = 3

No bug here....

If you are combat level 2, you have 1 point to distribute;
when you are combat level 3, you have 2 points to distribute;
when you are combat level 12, you have 11 points to distribute
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