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this is a big **** from lvl 5 you need to have at least 5 ap to battle but if someone doesnt has armor and gold what to do i say that this rule is a big crap
[Player banned by moderator Pang until 2009-12-20 14:26:36 // no word masking allowed]
Maybe you should enroll?
Enroll or get a loan from someone else or rent arts, you have enough gold to do that.
Did anyone cancelled renting, or what?=)
this is Lords of war and MONEY. it doesnt mean you should go war only but ignore your economy foundation.

Yet, look at your LG, it said everything. also, joining too much gb kick you hardly.

all i have to say, you deserve it. so, dont complain.

PS: using * to mask a word is against game rules too.
closed by Pang (2009-12-20 16:26:17)
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