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Types of conspirator quests


AuthorTypes of conspirator quests

For those who say that the conspirator quests are too easy, check out marked_one's combat log. He has reached the exp cap on some of those quests. They are easy now at lower levels, but they get harder in a hurry.

this just prooves that they are easy. he lost 2 ogres and got 6k exp for it lol. and if he played rigt he wouldnt've loast anything
this just prooves that they are easy.
I bet you cant even beat {7} of any conspirators quest.
for Sven91:
what im saying is he got 6k exp and still had 100% health. and ur trying to tell me they're hard?? haha. easiest kind of quest ever
haha. easiest kind of quest ever

shouldnt say that, dont forget he is lvl 14 anyways

the easiest quest ever should be vanguard of wizards...
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