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The phantom of ghost

AuthorThe phantom of ghost
the effect of phantoms is:Clones target allied stack. The phantom is not able to use spells and activated abilities of the original, receives the same amount of ammo as the original creature possesses, and disappears as soon as suffers any damage. However, the phantom is incorporeal, having a 50% chance to be missed by physical attacks.
Only one phantom of each stack can be created in any one combat. Nature magic talent level influences the maximal tier of creatures that can be duplicated.
But ghost never miss over two times in a row.
Phantom is diffrent from ghost?
The ghost/appa phantom is doubly incorporeal.

I've had the same situation before with my appa phantoms.

It can miss 2 times max for phantom hit-miss and 2 times more for ghost/appa hit-miss. The 5th time is a sure hit!
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