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Can you please fix the new facilities

AuthorCan you please fix the new facilities

There are two types of problems with the new facilities

1. The longbow and staff of power are unavailable or will be unavailable soon. Regarding the staff of power there is a shortage of (a) resources to make them, no cash to buy resources and only a handfull of items in stock.

2. The prices of the new artifacts are far from equitable. Why should a Ruby staff at the artifact shop be cheaper than the much weaker staff of power at the factory. It is ridiculous.

The price discrimination against those chosing to be spellcasters is not minor, modest or even moderate. How many times must I enrol now, just to be able to perform 1 full arts combat. Before it was approxiametely 4, now it is between 6 and 7. This is not a modest shift.

1. The workshop of power is fine, these 16 staffs are enough to fill up all resources to the cap and pay some wages.

2. You make that sound like the price for a staff of power was cheaper when it was available from the artefact shop, but in fact it is a little cheaper in the factory than it was in the shop.
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