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very little trouble ;-)

Authorvery little trouble ;-)
12-22-09 21:28[Full] [Chat]: Ssgsd[8] vs Imps (2279)


i was in good mood, i did first hunter record, but nothing happened;-)

how the top hunter table function? is it a bug? or i am missing something?
Because its not a record..?
3rd place for level 8 is 2465 imps

So unless you beat more than that, you wont come in the top hunters list.
thx for answers men; around 2900 beat me, and now level higher, so any chance more;-)

Iseivija [Elf] [8] - 2811[Full] [Chat]
SYLAR [Elf] [8] - 2782[Full] [Chat]
Orizi [Elf] [8] - 2465[Full] [Chat]
BlueMoon [Necromancer] [8] - 2303[Full] [Chat]
vato4geo [Dark elf] [8] - 2162[Full] [Chat]

i saw in my list first 5..... ;-)
no problem, let it be, i have to fight more and better:-d

i will try lock this topic or anyone else could too
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