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AuthorLinks of Support
Here are two links to show our appreciation to Lords of War and Money. The first shows the top 100 games so lets try and see how well we can do.

Both links will only count your visit once every 24 hours the first being:


Once you’re there, you will have to give your vote by clicking 'Enter and Vote'. As the votes get accumlated, the game will climb up in rankings. Right now, we're at position no. 49, so let's get the voting started! ;)

Note: The credit for the idea and the registeration of this game to that site goes completely to Arctic but was made popular by Zyanya. I'm here to just let you all know and to keep the project alive with all your help.

Since we are combining links if you want to show your support for this one, you can write as most of us use to:

+vote (but you don't HAVE to write that)

Also at the end of every month it resets, so its still early enough for us to make a good impact :)
This next one is Shebali's baby where there is a house that eventually after 5k votes will evolve into something else just like Pokemon and Digimon and Bakugon and, well I guess my point has been made.

So lets show some team spirit, wow did I really just write that? Anyways hope ya'll make this a link in your character page so you can just click on it when ya first log on. Here is the second link:


For this one when we voted we typically wrote:

+brick (again not mandatory, the point is just to vote)

for this one all you have to do is simply go to the sight and your done :)

I don't know if the goal was hit but I don't think it was so it is still possible to be the single vote that is number 5K. An honor that could never be taken away from you and all in this game will always acknowledge as your achievement for this game.
so far with just two votes, gee I wonder who the other one came from ;)
and we are already in 39th place. Lets not lose our place everyone we can do it. Lets try and always stay in the top 20. I know we can do it :)
oh yeah

Was the dog ever named? I know I suggested Bricks and a few people liked it. Oh, this question is directed at the last ones who were there back when we first got him or her. I myself never got a good enough look to tell. Not that I tried to though, haha
so far with just two votes, gee I wonder who the other one came from ;)
+vote we are now in 35th place
Yay, 13 votes and we are now 32nd =]
+vote (at 19 votes)


And maybe this is just exciting to me but if you go to that sight and on the left hand side of the page in a box entitled Mini-List we are ranked #2!! So we're like a rookie smash so far!! @u@

Someone earlier said they saw no point in these things because they saw no difference. I don't know about you but seeing our name (well the games name) up there made me feel like just those 22 votes and look where we are. This proves every little bit helps. :)

If everyone thought they couldn't make a difference then who would be our leaders? our heroes? I myself am proud to try and make a mark even if its very small. And that is why for as long as I have internet this thread will not die. One person can make a difference. ;)

Thanks to the other Lords who have been supporting this thread. Lets spread the word!

Pheeww!! sorry got a lil carried away.
Oh and the +vote was for this site:


ALSO, I think I found the link that you can go to for building a house for lwm that will display the american house, which looks like a car dealership now n.n
and that site is:


In the Mini Top we are now #1!!! with 7 votes ,if you want to vote there also you must click on the vote command in the lower left side in the box entitled Mini Top and then scroll down to our game name then click on vote again. Then if you refresh the page you will see your vote added to the tally.

We also got the most votes in one day, 10 which now brought us to our highest rank currently, 30! Congrats everyone and thanks for showing your support :)

let me clarify a few things.

we are ranked 30

and by one day I mean from the time I log in the next day, and since last I checked we voted 10 more times (which is currently the most for one day)

and we have a total of 32 votes.

I'm working on seeing how many clicks we currently have for the LWM house.

alright! we are at 41 votes and currently at #28 :) WOHOOO =)

and still number one in mini top with 10 votes.
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