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I went into the game, and there appeared ponel, where we could change the style of play, to unlock players, notes on the game, creatures ...
How to disable?
No, there ponel admin!
You may not engage in combat. Ammunition is not matched, 5 AP required.

What must I do!? Im going mad! Please help me! I think i have 5AP but what must I do?
Mail me as quick as you can! Thanks for help.
@3 I don't understand

@4 Create your own topic. I'll send you a mail.
for ChooJeremy:

I opened the panel, where you can control the game
Send Arctic a pm?
better you should tell us what is THE PROBLEM
for tristan29:

he tells us that he can do admin things on the site.
e.g.: change the christmas look back to normal
YOU CAN'T CONTROL THE GAME.You just play what the creators have made :)
for RGWarior:
not understand
for tristan29:
I turn off the panel? prevents
for lik:
I played, but clicked on rudetku and got a window where you can change all that
for _-Elk-_:
It's better if you can tell us clearly what do you want us to help you.

And please use a proper title next time.
How do I remove the control panel? I do not see there is no cross or button release
well, we had that probleme once - at halloween if memorie serves me right. after a battle you got to the game editor. back then arctic fixed it VERY FAST =)
can contact the admins?
for _-Elk-_:
If that's true, make some screenshots and post them somewhere online (like Imageshack or whatever)! :)
It passwords written, if I have to lay out, I also block
press printscreen => paste it in paint => save it => upload it to imageshack => paste the link here.

No one understands anything from what youre trying to say.....
you mean dropdown menu?i think....
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