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might or magic demon level 8?

Authormight or magic demon level 8?
hi im a deamon lev 8 now and i asked myself if i should make a might or a magic demon. with stupid increadies my army becomes very slow. But they have much life and so i thought that magic deamon would be better...... . pls give me some advices with reasons and some good ideas for the talents.

well maybe it's better to be might demon and do some emrcenary for have one more point
than magic demon is a good idea too
(you can have a recruting without incendiares)
incendiares are slow but when they hit they do a lot of damage
If you go magic I would suggest mass poison build, with darkness and dominion of pain.

Might is always good for hunts and mercenary though. However, demon becomes decidedly weaker at PvP 8-11, vs. 6-7 where they can easily beat every faction. At level 12 and on, things even out for all factions though.
well 120 fights are a lot ^^.... .
go ask in demon topic
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