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TGI, Long term economic prediction discussion


AuthorTGI, Long term economic prediction discussion
no doubt .. atm just our trader sell and buy tgi... no new player has 300-600 k gold to buy it..new players can max buy a tgi for 250-300k( but i guess that they spent their money for art instead ) ... so tgi is just a thing for players who try to make some money
I would agree that the price will rise slowly over time. IF you look at the number of people who have reached TGI 5 so far using the tables it is few and the time taken is long. Therefore there is unlikely to be a significant increase in supply for over a year.

The real question is about what the demand will be. Will current players save up for the money, in which case demand may increase significantly in a few months when they have saved the money causing an increase in price. In the long term it could depend significantly on the level of advertising and support put into the server, a massive increase in numbers, or consistent retention may raise the demand a lot in a certain period of time in the future. However, due to teh large sums needed to save that would likely be 9 months.

So in conclusion, very slow increase for the next month or so, then the rate of increase will steepen, then after a year it will level off.
It is affordable. I got my TGI from renting one, but if I didn't, I could have purchased one. It does mean you have to sacrifice things. For instance, I changed to Demon from Barbarian. I couldn't afford that buying a TGI. I would probably also have to sell some elements to raise the rest of the cash.
I'm saving now to buy those TGI!
I've counted so far with my current progress, i'll be able to buy one in minimum 3 months <could be longer than that> (T.T)
I've read all the arguments before, and i only HOPE that the prices will go down.
Because i want to be a thief not only for the ini bonuses not even for the thief arts(not too powerful IMO). I just love the battle of thiefing. Just by seeing it's replay is fun already (can't wait to do it myself^^)
But, if many people are just like me, then i think the price will go up T.T
That's why i have to start saving from now =D
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