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wrong fsp calculation

Authorwrong fsp calculation
In you lose, the game compares the amount of creatures you killed, and the amount of creatures that are left. And based on that it gives you some fsp.
But in case of (a caravan) the demons, the gated creatures are counted too.
If you kill all real units except 1, and there are still lots of gated units left. The game counts:
Many units left, killed half (non gated, except a few) so you receive less fsp because there are many gated left.
But gated creatures itself dont give fsp, so why in the formule for fsp the amount of gated creatures that are left when you lose are relevant? they shouldnt count at all.
Just like in case of a victory.

(try it for yourself, caravan of demons, kill all except 1 real unit and leave the gated units alone. You will get ~0.15 fsp.
Now do the exact same thing with a caravan of knights / barbarians whatever. Kill all except 1 unit and you will get 0,35 ~0,40 fsp)
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