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Map cannot be veiwed and Battles only show grey.

AuthorMap cannot be veiwed and Battles only show grey.
Please help me. When I click the icon 'Map', the hunter info is centered on the page and I cannot see the map. When I go into battle, the screen turns grey.
sorry for double post but I cannot enroll either. I can see the enroll code but there is no place to type.

at least I can PM and post on forum still, lol
just log out once
shut down PC
reconnect NET

and then try again
that may work!
thanks for offering that help. But it didn't work.
then i dont know any other way
sorry couldn't help u
may be a BUG?
try asking some PC consultant

maybe he may come of some work :D


c ya real soon back in d battle field

sounds like you need to update your flash player like I suggested a day or two ago in chat
hehe. Thanks corndog.
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