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Ipsy's Hunt Shop v0.13

AuthorIpsy's Hunt Shop v0.13
I'm back with a few more arts to add to the list! Remember, all prices are below current market prices and are always negotiable! Based on Market prices as of 02/10 10:00 server time!

Weekly Special:

GH Boots ~ 1,500 Gold [SAVE 700!]

Current Inventory:

Hunter Shirt ~ 500 Gold [Save 170!]
Hunter Broadsword ~ 50 Gold [Save 50!]
Hunter Shield ~ 800 Gold [Save 190!]
Hunter Boots ~ 800 Gold [Save 188!]

MH Bow ~ 1,000 Gold [Save 287!]
MH Dagger ~ 1,200 Gold [Save 275!]
MH Ring of Dexterity ~ 2,800 Gold [Save 400!]

~ Element Trading ~

Element Trading will be on hold for a little while. However, I will begin a limited time offer for trading Meteorite Shards and Windflowers! Trade-in Credit may be discussed via PM! Both will provide a 25% discount on your purchase and Credit will be comparable to market prices! If you really must get rid of other Elements, PM me and we may be able to work something out; however I will not be able to provide further discounts for them.
GH Boots have been sold!

Seeing as how the Weekly Special sold out so quickly, I'll put up a new one for an extra crazy deal!

~New Weekly Special~

MH Ring of Dexterity ~ 2,000 Gold [SAVE 1,200!]
MH Ring of Dexterity has been put on reserve for the time being. If it doesn't sell I will let you all know :)
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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