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Last_Samurai lvl10 with 68Defeats only


AuthorLast_Samurai lvl10 with 68Defeats only
Graz m8. You are one kind of a player:9
no wonder he just does hunts and MG
And Survival Tournament and Ambushes.
Thats really a good result
and if he loses....
it is the way i loose. And if 2 stacks of genies cast poison 3 times as random spell, such a comment is okay i think.

To get topic:

We had such discussions a few times before and i noticed that such an achievement is not not that great for most of you and also not worth any gratitude, so i have to thank Makkadihm as my clanmate and that is it (i did it via PM also). I would not have commented in this thread since Sven91s comment.

Everyone should enjoy this game his own way, and my fun in this game lies in having less defeats in most combats. So, other have fun in this game some other ways, and that is okay. So leave me with my fun playing this game, even it is annoying to you :)
I think, it's a good result. It takes some brain and patience to distinguish doable from not doable battles. So: Well done!

(I don't like the way people try to dig out negative aspects if someone is mentioned in a positive way. IMHO it's sometimes better to remain silent, if there's nothing positive to say.)
He wears some good arts .. but I have not seen his Enchanted Arts yet .. :)
for Last_Samurai:

Gratz... You are doing great.

Don't listen to what some players said. It is your game. Play it as you like it. As long as you didn't cheat or break the rule, no one has the right to judge you.
Congratulations Last_Samurai! That's really impressive, keep up the good work. Even if you insult the neutrals from time to time :)
Sure, and the neutrals will gladly repeat every word of it..:-!
Gratz... You are doing great.
Gratz! I like your playing style - take every battle seriously :)
Well... time to update your avatar again! :D
very good results, congrats
Congratulations legionnaire!
ups... there are really some players who find words for gratitude? Thx for all that, did not expect that.


You seem to be a quite better player than me. Win ratio of 92%, thief level 5, 800+ mercy quests. That is really great, and i wish i am able to match you one day, because i think only 300+ defeats out of 4000+ combats is really great :)


17 : I use ENCHANTED arts for thief and lost many stupid hunts.. not as good as you thought :P

now do some PvP and keep ur record ;)

L_S won the ambush with 1 EFK!!!!!!!
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