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[Hunter] Art Liquidation!

Author[Hunter] Art Liquidation!
I will be quite busy, therefore I cannot afford to sell any more hunter arts for quite a while.

I am selling these arts based at this time : 3:27

MH Bone helmet = 750g
GH Amulet = 4300g
MH Amulet = 2999g
MH Sabre = 1200g
H Shield {E1} - 850g
MH Arrows - 1200g

Hunter bow - 800g!
Lowest price on market is currently 1400g!

Trying to get rid of them, if you take a whole loot of them, discount can be offered ;)

!Hurry Hurry!
All 10/10 Durability?

If yes , i buy H Shield
Seeing as my special was bought so quickly, I'll give you hunters another great deal!

MH Amulet = 2999g
Now 2500g!!!
Thats a savings of about 900g from market price! It won't last long!
Yes, all arts are 10/10.
Thx for the shield...
for X-hunter: Np.

MH Amulet and MH bone helmet are on market for listed price starting now.
until further notice, I'm keeping the GH amulet for my greedy reasons xP
MH Ring of dexterity [7/10] on market for 2810, its going for about 5k for a full one!
MH Arrows on market for 1100g, 400g cheaper than the cheapest one!
MH arrows sold, mh sabre on market for 1350g currently.
sabre and E1 sabre both still on market...
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