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Joined hunts- made us both LOSE badly

AuthorJoined hunts- made us both LOSE badly

why do hunts just suddenly merge like that? i could handle my bowmen and the elf could handle the angels- and the hunt must merge and make both of us waste mana, weapon durability, health to zero, no money for hunt, skill points and exp!!!!
Why? A game feature.
your not the only one buddy..i had it before..i met a guy who just click the attack button without a plan and the difficulty is red colour and make me lose..some people just hunt for fun and i don't know what benefit they can get..from your link provided above obviously one of you is having fun only and without a serious plan to win that hunt
Why? A game feature.

Though it's happened twice with my multi using (poorly enchanted, but still) master hunter set to go for a record. And well, I don't care much, but if people are serious about records and are using mains with full enchanted arts, that can be frustrating I guess, so why there is not a canceling button for merged hunt?
Have you never been beaten by a hunt creature r u?

Just +1 combat lose you really mad...
tournament/level/score problem

while playing the tournament i got my exp above 40000 but my lvl remained 7 as the tournament didnt end then i played a hunt and i was lvl 8 when i checked my score it wasnt there i have to play with the lvl 8 survival tournament
my highscore with my ll 7 was 11638 so will it be there or not !!!!!!!
please reply me fast admins!!!!!
sorry for above post had to make it seprately my apologies:)
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