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barbarians do not have power.when i play duel or group battle,i am defeated in all the battles.plz reply me fast
in level 5 barbs are not bright in Duels neithe GBs...

choose necro or DE
or elf and wiz!

because barb have orcs and wolf

and some1 said to me..
that "its not the power in the new troops it the power in ur old troops"

meaning use ur troops wisely to help ur most powerfull one.
see how knoight dont just let griffs go in the first round?
they wait.
when and enemy aprroaches and in swords range they attack.
just barbs..kinda suck.
ur orgres no ini as slow as zombies...
theyre weakpoint.
griffins their hp
liz they size.
maqi theyre hp.
druids well druids are ok..but low in melee.

its just barb sucks at lvl 5.
no offense.
but barbs shine in 6/7 orges r invincible(nearly) n hobs deal about 200-300 per hit against low def
Think for better strategy and wear a powerful arts.

Thats only the way to solve it.
for Grim_Reaper00:
Are you stupid? ogres r best tier 4 creature...
ogres are not, not at all, the best tier 4 creature, anyways this is NOT the place to discuss, plz go to the respective threat in the General forum for dicussing:

lizz cav. are but nvm
my alt is lvl 5 barb and i win EVRY even battle vs anyone just tell me what faction u need to defeast i ll tell you the right strategie and if i can find show you some example battles

this is just for duels at group battles its all about good teamwork and take defending monsters out so u ally can make a good move
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