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bonedragon -> lvl 13

Authorbonedragon -> lvl 13
good job, mate ;)
congratz ;)
congr:) the best necro hunter:)
Congratz mate....
Congratulations Legionnaire!!
Gratz :)
congratz legio ;)
:o))) where would u be without cheating?
10. What do you mean ?
Should we take a look at his transfer log?
11 If u look u will find a certain pattern there. Dont believe shared ownership of 5 accounts by 2 ppl is legal imho.
do you mean a circle between him ,a lev 13 knight (de now) and some multies?
somebody could think of great partnership between 2 friends and their "family members"...its the new concept definiton for MULTICHARACTERS.We have to learn too much yet...
or maybe would be easier to delete completely part 3.13.1-7 from general rules.Maybe?
BULCOS you should really pay attention to what you wrote even if it is with smiley.
If you think somebody is cheating just post officially in the dedicated section and give us or at least the admin the proof otherwise better to shut up except if you want everybody think you're only jealous that other players are stronger than you.

If you want to complain about 2 players often playing together I'm not sure that admin will invest in DNA analysys to proove that 2 players are from the same family and as you said it is not forbidden to brothers and friends to play against each other.

For a level 12 poster your post was really... well I guess others have understand what I think about this kind of stupid post.
sorry,friend,you dont understand whats a go...i NEVER said friends from real life cannot play together or something what you described here.Well,its stupid for you,stupid from lvl 12 player etc.And i never said i am the strongest in this game so read carefully first and then write something similar as you have wrote here ;-)
Congratulations Legionnaire!
Congratz my clan mate!!!!
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