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A strange occurrence in a combat

AuthorA strange occurrence in a combat
I didn`t ask for assist but "shared the hunt with an lvl 2 player. It seems like our both hunts got mixed.

Here is the link:


Is this a bug ?
Joint hunt:

From now on there is a poor likelihood of neutrals to flee until they catch up with another group of neutrals being under attack by a different Lord. As a result, a battle of two Lords versus two groups of neutral creatures, assembled randomly, will take place. In case of victory, the maximum for that creature type will not be increased; each Lord will receive up to 0.5 skill points and twice as big an amount of Hunters' Guild points as usual. Combat levels of the two willy-nilly hunt assistants aren't bound to be same.
Ah ok, I see. Thanks for the response.

closed by Kharesa (2010-03-11 02:34:35)
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