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Hunter Set [Mixed Durability]

AuthorHunter Set [Mixed Durability]
I need room for more artifacts, so I've decided to sell my mixed Hunter Set.

I am willing to sell separately, but keep in mind I will sell the whole set cheaper than in individuals.

Hunter Hat
Hunter Pendant
Hunter Shirt
Hunter Bow
Hunter Glove
Hunter Glove
Hunter Boots
Hunter Shield

Hunter Broadsword.

Looking for a price ~5000.
PM to negotiate.

Really need room...Please help me out!
Seriously, 5k? I could buy myself a new hunter set with full durability with that money.
Agree with cows98
lol 5000

I said negotiate.
Seem nobody want it so closing topic. ;(
closed by -Wulf- (2010-03-18 02:57:55)
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