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[RENT]MH set just 1700 gold per battle.DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!

Author[RENT]MH set just 1700 gold per battle.DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE!
Im leasing full Master hunter set which has the following arts:

1)Master hunter bone helmet
2)Master hunter amulet
3)Master hunter armour
4)Master hunter bow
5)Master hunter sabre
6)Master hunter shield
7)Master hunter boots
8)Master hunter ring of flight
9)Master hunter ring of flight

So wearing this set gives you:

+3 attack
+10% damage of troops
+10% initiative
+1 luck
+4 defence
10% less ranged damage taken by all troops
12% initiative
+1 shooting range
+1 to minimum and maximum damage of all lord's stacks.
+30% damage to neutral creatures,

LEASE IT NOW!!Win all hunts and merc. tasks

Cost is just 1700 gold per battle

Lease for 5 battles and you get a 100 gold discount per battle.
For all clan mates:50 gold discount per battle
For Leauge of shadows members:100 gold discount per battle

1 battle= 5 hours
2 battles= 1day
3-5 battles= 3 days
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