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new ghost records

Authornew ghost records
after my level8 and level9 records, i wanted the level10 record too.

i failed 2 times, but i finally did it:

and like my 2 previous records, i have a record high enough to be in the highscores of players with 2 more levels than me:

my level 8 record is the score of the 3rd DE at level 10
my level 9 record is the score of the 3rd of all factions at level 11
my level 10 record is the score of the 5th of all factions at level 12

ahaha lucky you have lots of moral
for Karsot:
you are one hell of a ghost buster

Really lucky, having 1 poisoners missing all the time, shrews having morale and luck when needed, but still very nice!

luck at the beginning with poisoners missing their attacks is nothing.
Ok, it allowed me to have sure shot on ghosts one or 2 times.
but it's not more important than a miss of the hero at the 35th turn :p

lizards killed 175 ghosts, hydras 150, poisoners 3, minos 0.
total: 328 ghosts out of 5428: 6% of the hunt
there are still 5100 ghosts to kill with shrews only: 94% of the hunt

the real battle starts when i only have shrews, the 1st turn isn't important at all.

but anyway, thanks for the congratulations ;)
gratz sir.. gotta praise those shrews.. they did a really good work of hitting and running around in their high-heeled boots..
DE rules man!!!!congratz..u make DE looks stronger
gratz !
Congratulations Karsot! Always been aiming for ghost, huh? =D
Ghost fighter :)
Congratulations Karsot
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