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DE faction topic

AuthorDE faction topic
Last one is outdated, so here is the new topic to discuss about strategy,troops, talents, and combats:)

Anyone here ever killed Demons-Brigands at level 5 ?
for _PrinceOfChaos_:
brigands are very strong for level 5 so try to avoid them till level 6-7 or wear full arts

also you should change into a magic DE because they are better than might at levels 5-6 and in level 7 you can still be a magic DE or change into might one because the are better at that level
Hmm .. I will be still at might-DE .. and will use more attack arts and try another formations against them next time they come to me
hi, im fresh lvl6 DE. can somebody give me advice what talents i should take for survival tournament? my stats with full arts are att 7, def 9, sp 3, kn 3, luck 1, morale 2and ini 7%. i have tried with basic sorcery + concealed knowledge but it didnt work well in my opinion. hope somebody smarter could help..
basic offence
You could also try basic leader ship for 1 extra morale but then it would only be worth it if u bought two rings that give u morale. Than u would have 4. Total pwnage :)
Agree with #7
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