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belacan>>>>>no more loss in roulette

Authorbelacan>>>>>no more loss in roulette
after losing about more than 4 000 000 gold,today he has take all his money back from the roulette.congratz man
4mil? he just bet 1mil for now <_<
oops sorry, i see ur account, LOL xD...
I motivated him:)
It's true...
Well congrats to him for being back in the "even" with the roulette :)

He should consider stopping since he is back even :P
Excellent done, Belacan .. u will be a good example for another rouletters
Wow, congratulations!
I saw him bet roulette alot...he won alot back!
ok no one want to reply so i close this forum
closed by Ahmadhafiz97 (2010-03-26 07:25:19)
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