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The Easter will be in this weekend but till now no news or special event announcement :(

Shame... last update are about Valentines day and also it was just a option to send cards...
Forget. The project dies. To administrators to spit on that as as here occurs
Soon all together we will go on server funeral
[Player banned by moderator Erebes until 2010-04-05 04:52:27 // Warning Ban . 1 min . No need to .. eh spit on the admins .]
Wow... the special event is that people still think there will be an event.
The Easter will be in this weekend but till now no news or special event announcement :(
key word are "will be", so u started to whine to early

just a option to send cards...
and that is enough for holiday

for Svetochek:
relax, ur imagination will destroy ya!
Go Ironfist!
Ditto that.
ill hope they will do something good, i see my clan IS dying, 80% of high lvls from 10 to 13 stop playing, dunno how about the server i got no data, so little hope, that Admins will do something and friends will be back, cause game without them is worse than game with no updates
I dont think we will get anything for easter.

Why? Because we got nothing in last easter.
U see, admins not forgot of us even at 1 April, shame on u.
so,it's today
what will we get? =)
survival tournament :p
Forget. The project dies true.. :(
We can only wait until May 1st
so we got nothing is anyone surprised?
Hm... newsflash - on .ru server also was no event about easter... so maybe just admins are Muslims, atheist or something like that and don't celebrate it?

In any case they made April's fool event, Valentine's Day, New Year and not forgot of this server (if they would bugs and errors would eat this game long ago already), just they have strange choice of holidays.
Who care Easter!!
Admin aren't Christian ppl
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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