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Random is random but this time is weird random.

AuthorRandom is random but this time is weird random.
Everytime I done 1-10 Mercenary Quest , I got an element.

And the elements received is random but I always got Abrasive and Toadstool only this time.

About 4-10 I collect Toadstool and Abrasive without other expensive elements like Windflower or Meteorite Shard. Until now I didn't get Windflower,MS,Fire Crystal. Even though I've done about 30-40 quest...

And I know Something is Better than nothing , and random is random . Well I just wanted to place it as a bug...
It's not a bug. You're just extremely lucky. Prepare yourself for long streaks of no-element time. And don't complain during that time.
You're just extremely lucky

Actally not lucky.

Well i've been in no-element about 4-5 Days a bunch of quest with no element..
closed by Sven91 (2010-04-09 14:51:04)
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