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That it such for all fight they have not received any answer for random from them "have constantly flown in terror"

It is not real

Fear attack:
Triggering special ability.
The target attacked by this creature might get terrified and flee to the edge of the battlefield, losing all accumulated initiative. Fear attack does not affect creatures immune to mind-affecting spells or abilities.

Intimidation aura:
All enemies adjacent to this creature have -3 morale. Does not affect Undead, Elemental, Mechanical creatures and creatures with Bravery.

does this show you the problem?
I am all I understand and I know but excuse not throughout all fight??
You in general fight looked?
There Griff have never answered and did not resemble
Then have never answered and Bowmen
As not "the fear Attack" correctly here works
The Monster has very high hp. Fear Attack triggers more often if the hp gap between attaker and defender is high (atackers hp > defenders hp )

So the Monster has a big chance for getting this effect on you.
Give the official reference where it is written
At the end of this page : https://www.lordswm.com/help.php?section=32

Triggering special abilities may trigger during any attack. The probability of triggering depends on HP of damager and target.
If DHP ≥ THP, then
Probability = 25% + 3% * (DHP/THP);
Probability = 25% - 3% * (THP/DHP)
DHP is the total remaining HP of the damaging stack;
THP is the total remaining HP of the target stack;
Trigger probability lays within the interval of [5%;75%];
The moments to calculate the probability differ depending on the ability type.
-For Knocking shot and Stun, the probability is calculated using HP's of stacks before the actual attack.
-For Blinding brilliance, Fear attack, Knockback, Mayhem, Shadow whip and Thunderbolt, the calculation occurs after the attack and before target's retaliation;
Blinding brilliance, Knockback, Mayhem, Shadow whip and Thunderbolt can also trigger on retaliation strikes. If blinding brilliance triggers on retaliation, it interrupts any attacker's actions supposed to occur after their strike (e.g. such abilities as Strike and return, Triple strike etc.)
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