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Sell MH and Hunter Arts

AuthorSell MH and Hunter Arts
For Sale :

Hunter Arts:

Hunter Hat-9/10 -550
Hunter hat-10/10-600
Hunter Pendant 9/10-200
Hunter Shirt-8/10-300
Hunter Shirt-10/10-450
Hunter Bow- 0/10-500
Hunter broadsword-9/10-50
Hunter Shield-9/10-700
Hunter Boots-8/10-500

MH Arts:
MH Helmet-0/2-100
MH bone helmet-2/10-250
MH amulet-7/10-4500
MH armor-6/10-4000
MH bow-0/7-300
MH cutlass-0/8-800
MH dagger-0/8-300
MH jackboots [E1]- 0/10-1000
MH boots 10/10-750
MH ring of flight-0/6-400

PM me if you want anything =D

If you don't like the prices then PM me and we can talk ;P
Thanks for bumping =P

Sold so far:
MH ring of flight-Sold
MH Jackboots [E1]-Sold
MH dagger- Sold
Bump =D
Must Sell!!!
New addition:
MH cutlass 10/10: Only 1800! Cheaper than on market!
MH jackboots 10/10-900 gold!
MH amulet 10/10- 4k gold
New Prices:
Hunter Arts:

Hunter Hat-9/10 -500
Hunter hat-10/10-550
Hunter Pendant 9/10-150
Hunter Shirt-8/10-250
Hunter Shirt-10/10-400
Hunter Bow- 0/10-450
Hunter broadsword-9/10-25
Hunter Shield-9/10-650
Hunter Boots-8/10-450

MH Arts:
MH Helmet-0/2-75
MH bone helmet-2/10-2100
MH amulet-7/10-3400
MH amulet-10/10-4000
MH armor-6/10-3700
MH bow-0/7-250
MH cutlass-0/8-750
MH dagger-0/8-250
MH jackboots [E1]- 0/10-950
MH jackboots 10/10- 900
MH boots 10/10-700
MH ring of flight-0/6-3

Also: Selling Defender Shield[E1] 1/40-PM me with offers for that
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